Digital Tesla-gauss Meter

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1. Overview

Tesla meter is a portable, multifunctional magnetic field measuring instrument equipped with high sensitivity, low drift hall sensor, and the application of advanced digital signal processing technology, suitable for measuring surface magnetic field of permanent, remanence of mechanical parts, magnetic separator or iron remover, etc. It can be used as a basic magnetic parameter measuring instrument in magnetic material manufacturers and companies, mechanical manufacturing enterprises, scientific research institute in colleges and universities.

 2. Functional characteristics

• Three types of accuracy: Level 1, Level 2 and  Level 5 for different magnetic field measurement situations.

• Two magnetic field units: mT (mtr), Gs (Gauss),1 mT=10Gs

• Range of measurements :0-2500 mT (25000Gs).

• with automatic range switching, one-click zero, maximum value retention function.

• display backlight ,5 minutes automatic shutdown function.

• Low power consumption, portable.

• Multiple Hall probes available.

3. Technical parameters


200 mT (2000Gs)

2000 mT (20000Gs)

Load divison value

0.01 mT (0.1 G)

0.1 mT (1G)

Accuracy (level 1)


Accuracy (level 2)


Accuracy (level 5)

±2.0%(0...1000 mT),±5.0%(1000 mT...2400mT)

Power supply

1 pcs 9 V Battery

Working environment

0℃~50℃,20~85%R·H, No condensation

Storage environment

-20℃~70℃,85%R·H,No condensation

Instrument dimensions

160 mm×75 mm×34 mm

Weight of instrument

About 260g (including batteries and conductors)

Hall probe

Standard radial Hall probe, wire length about 1 meter

4. Appearance structure

4.1 Appearance

4.2 Display

① Range tip: when the measured magnetic field is less than 200mT, the default range is 200mT; When exceeding 200mT, the range will automatically switch to 2000mT.

② Polarity of magnetic field: When the direction of magnetic field passes through the front of hall sensor, the screen is shown as "N"; When the direction of the magnetic field passes through the back of the Hall sensor, the screen displays an "S".

③ Measurement value: Hall sensor displays the measured magnetic field value in the form of digital display

④ Peak mode: When the screen shows "Peak" is peak mode, the magnetic field value shows the maximum measured for a period of time and remains unchanged.

⑤ Battery power: Display current battery power.

⑥Unit display: displays the current magnetic field units (mT/Mill-tesla , Gs/ Gauss).

4.3 Keyboard

① PEAK key: switch real-time mode and peak mode freely.

② UNIT key: switch magnetic field units freely.

③ZERO key: Clear key ,clearing value in the absence of magnetic field

④ LIGHT key: turn on or off backlight function.

⑤ ON/OFF key: Shut up or shut down.

5. Hall probe

Radial Hall Probe and Sensor

5.1 This instrument is standard for radial Hall probe.

5.2 If measure the permanent magnet, the Hall sensor should be as close as possible to the surface of the sample. The farther away from the sample, the greater the attenuation of the magnetic field and the smaller the measured value will be.

5.3 When measuring a magnetic field, make sure that the Hall sensor is always vertical to the magnetic field; if the magnetic field is not vertical to the sensor, the measurement value will have an error. (The greater the angle of deviation, the greater the error)

6. Basic measurement step

6.1 Connect the Hall probe to the meter and remove the plastic shield from the Hall probe.

6.2 Place the Hall probe in an environment  without magnetic field and electromagnetic interference.

6.3 Press “ON”to see if the display is 0.0 mT.

6.4 If it is not 0.0mT, press the "ZERO" key to clear.

6.5 Place the probe in the magnetic field to be tested, and read the magnetic induction intensity value after the numerical stability.

6.6 If you want to find the maximum value, press the "PEAK" button to switch to the PEAK mode, and the maximum value will be saved  automatically. (The default mode of starting the instrument is real-time mode)

7.General fault analysis

• unable to turn on: please check whether there is a battery in the battery bin, whether the battery is insufficient, if there is no problem above, please contact the manufacturer for customer service.

• Automatic shutdown after use: If the instrument is not operated for 5 minutes, it will automatically shut down. If the battery is shut down in less than 5 minutes, it is likely that the battery is insufficient. Please replace the new battery.

• 7.3、Digital irregularity is displayed on the screen: please check that the waterproof aerial probe interface is tight.

8. Security considerations

8.1. Safe operation

8.1.1 the power supply of this instrument is 9 V dry battery, do not use other types of batteries, otherwise it may cause damage to the instrument.

8.1.2 after putting into the battery, close and tighten the battery cover.

8.1.3 if the battery leaks, do not load the battery into the battery bin.

8.1.4 If the instrument is not used for a long time, please remove the battery to prevent battery leakage from damaging the instrument.

8.2 Equipment maintenance

8.2.1 if the instrument is suspected of malfunction, please stop using the instrument and carry out maintenance.

8.2.2 Only qualified professionals with suitable tools and test equipment can carry out instrument maintenance; During maintenance, please follow the anti-static specification.

8.2.3 during maintenance, please remove the battery first.

8.2.4 ensure that any troubleshooting affecting the performance of the instrument can be turned on again.

8.3. Use of the environment

8.3.1 To avoid explosion, do not use this instrument near deflagration gas, steam or dust.

8.3.2 do not use or store in wet or strong electromagnetic interference environment, otherwise it may cause instrument damage or measurement data deviation.

8.3.3 please keep the product surface clean and dry.

8.3.4 please refer to the "Technical parameters" item of the instructions for usage and storage.

8.4 Correct operation

8.4.1 this instrument is used to measure the surface magnetic or constant magnetic field of permanent magnets.

8.4.2 please operate the machine strictly follow the user manual, otherwise it may cause deviation of measurement data.

8.4.3 the tested sample should conform to the measuring range of the instrument, otherwise it may cause deviation of the measured data.

8.4.4 please select the correct function and set the test conditions according to the specific measurement requirements of the sample.

9. Packing list

Serial number




Tesla/Gauss meter



Radial Hall probe



9V dry battery






Warranty card






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