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Digital Force Gauge - Sf Model

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Put the SF force gauge on the calibration stand ,and mount the standand hook.

1. Turn on ,when it shows”100N”, press “SET” key for 5 seconds,and then the display show “SF” ,it means you have enter into calibration interface .

2. Choose measuring range:

Press “SET” key ,it shows “100N”,and then press “SET” again .

The force gauge will return to SF display automatically.

3. Zero calibration

Press “UNIT” key , display “ZERO” , and then press “SET” key ,display 0000.

Press “SET” again ,it will back to “ ZERO” automatically .

   4. Full range calibration

    Press “UNIT” key , the screen will display “FULL”, and then press “SET” key  to  show 0000.

To put 100N dead weight force on it . (If you need 500n, please put force to 500N)

And when the screen display stable ,press “SET” key again ,it will back to “ FULL” display .

5. Check the force

OFF and then ON again , enter into measuring interface.

Press “ZERO” key to clear , wait 2 seconds ,and then put the dead weight to check the  force correct or not .


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